What is There to Buy?

Carpet salesmen are everywhere. Unless you want to purchase a carpet, stay on your toes. Beyond carpets, Kusadasi has a great selection of clothing, leather goods, ceramics, electronics, watches, jewelry, gold, Turkish crafts and collectibles (evil eyes are everywhere) and much more.

Where is the Shopping?

The main shopping streets of downtown Kusadasi offer excellent shopping, as do the side streets, boutiques and mini malls. There are some nice boutiques along the coastline as well. Head past the Kusadasi bazaar and continue walking until you come to a broad shopping street. From...

Where Does the Ship Dock?

The port of Kusadasi is right in the downtown area. It is an easy walk into the shopping area, as well as over to Goveroin Ada (or Pidgeon Island) and the beaches beyond.

What is the Weather Like?

Summers in Kusadasi can be downright hot so be sure to bring something cool to wear when tromping through the ruins. Winters are simply wonderful and resemble California’s San Diego climate.

What is Kusadasi Like?

Kusadasi is a smaller resort city residing on a beautiful bay that is one of the most beautiful. With a population of over 50,000 full time residents, Kusadasi offers excellent shopping, wonderful beaches and access to some of the most fabulous ruins in the world. There is much...

Language and Currency

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, but English is widely spoken (especially in the tourist and shopping areas). The currency is the Turkish lira. I would strongly suggest converting dollars to lira and investing the time to become familiar with the lira currency. The...

Entry Requirements

You will need a valid passport and also a visa is required to enter the country for all United States visitors. If you are flying into Turkey to board your cruise, visas are available right in the airport as a normal function of immigration. There is no need to acquire one in...